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Few year-end strategies to save your taxes for 2020

If you are hoping to lower your tax burden, all you have time to act. Now is the time for strategy.
Several options are available. For example, people listing deductions can deduct up to 100% of their adjusted gross income for donating money to nonprofits.
Increase Your Savings: Think about converting your traditional individual retirement account.

Give generously

The major aid law that came into force in the spring gives donors an incentive to give away more money.

Taxpayers who make individual deductions on their tax return can deduct their adjusted gross income for donating money to charitable organizations.

Certain companies are excluded from this deal. This means that you cannot get a 100% discount for the monetary donation to your donor-recommended fund.

Slow down and speak to your accountant before donating money to your favorite charity.

Depending on your circumstances, it may make more tax sense to give away valued shares instead. In that case, you would ask for your taxes to be deducted for the fair market value of the investment.

Do you have a side appearance? Don’t forget the business deductions

Whether the Covid-19 downturn caused you to start your own business or you’re a sideline veteran, now is the time to cut your taxable income.

Ordinary and necessary business expenses are deductible.

Some of the breaks on the table include the home office deduction, mileage depreciation, and the cost of the materials and equipment you bought for your job.


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